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Our Services

Our professionally trained service technicians are skilled in troubleshooting and fixing the entire range of Apple laptop,Apple desktop,window desktop,laptops models including MacBook Air, MacBook, MacBook Pro, PowerBook and iBook. Our technicians can fix component level logic board failure, display problems and network issues related to your Apple Mac portable computer.

With these genuine services, we can replace any damaged or faulty laptop parts with high quality replacement parts. We stock an extensive range of laptop parts including logic boards, memory (RAM), keyboards, processors, optical drives, DC power jacks, AC adapters,hard disk, batteries, hard drives and LCD / LED screens. Our Main Services Are :

C.P.U Repair

At The Comp Solutions Maintenance Man we repair every brand of Computer with Hardware or Software related faults and also repair problems with IT equipment like PC Repairs, Laptop Repairs, Data Recovery and Mac Repairs. We only send trustworthy, experienced and professional engineers to repair your computer. If the repair will take a while we will bring the computer to our workshop at no extra cost. Once repaired, it can come back to you on that day and at a specific time that suits you. No 'time window' for arrival.

Laptop Repair

Our fully equipped workshop is ready to deal with any Laptop Repair.We provide a wide range of services like Laptop Repair Services by experts for all makes, models, parts & accessories of laptop, also providing services of laptop up-gradation, web development and sale & purchase of second hand laptop computers. we have professional Laptop Repair technician. Our Customers choose us because we provide a Fast, Professional and Affordable Service in Ghaziabad

Monitor Repair

This service is for all LCD monitors. 98% of the monitors sent in for display issues are repaired with this service. This service includes the professional installation of a brand new high quality CCFL backlight as well as a complete inspection and service of the CCFL inverter. our well trained technicians have the knowledge and expertise to provide you with competent monitor repairs whether it is a LCD monitor, LED monitor, Industrial monitor, POS system monitor, touch screen monitor or any other type of display.


At The Comp Solutions Software installations, Anti-virus support, Data backup, data recovery, software upgrades, hardware upgrades, new accessory cctv installations,Attendance machine installation (door access),software installation, AMC door step service (printer, ups, MFDs, scanner, Wi-Fi cards, USB devices,hard disk, RAM, wireless keyboards, wireless mouse, Routers, switches, LAN etc.).all are get repaired and sold at best price.

Printer Repair

At The Comp Solutions Printers are repaired.We can have your HP Printer repaired in less than 48 hours.

UPS Repair

At The Comp Solutions UPS are repaired.Many computer shops will ask you to buy a new one UPS rather than change the battery, because they want to push their sales only. Don't be fool by them, you can repair it, without throw away the old one.

Inverter Repair

At The Comp SolutionsWe repair & service all makes of inverters. Inverter repairs have been sent into our inverter repair workshop.Fast and efficient delivery and refurbishment of all drives.

Computer Assemble

At The Comp Solutions Our computer assembling services are of high optimum quality and more popular.Our computer assembling services are of the best quality and can be availed nowhere else.Our efficient team is highly skilled when it comes to pc assembling.



We Provide Windows PC Repair Services. We Can Fix any Kind Of Issue Of Windows PC . We Support Both Software and Hardware Issue.


Software installations cctv,Attendance machine installation (door access),software installation,AMC door step service.


We Provide Laptop Repair Services. We Can Fix any Kind Of Issue Of Laptop. We Support Both Software and Hardware Issue.